Retaining Wall Design & Installation

We specialize in installing Unilock retaining walls. Our skilled team of professionals bring expertise and precision to every project. Whether you need a functional retaining wall or a stunning decorative feature, we’ll work closely with you to design and construct a solution that meets your expectations. With top-quality Unilock materials and our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, your retaining wall will be built to last and enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.

Gravity Retaining Walls

Transform your outdoor space with our reliable and attractive gravity retaining walls! These walls act like strong guardians, keeping your soil in place while adding a touch of charm to your landscape. They’re perfect for giving your property that extra lift. If you’re dreaming of a beautiful and secure yard, gravity retaining walls are your go-to solution

Seat Walls

Create the perfect outdoor gathering spot with our stylish seat walls! Imagine a comfy and functional addition to your patio or garden where friends and family can relax. Seat walls not only provide extra seating but also add a touch of elegance to your outdoor oasis. Our seat walls are designed for your comfortand are the ideal choice for transforming your space into a cozy retreat. For a cozy and inviting atmosphere, choose our seat walls and let your outdoor space become a favorite hangout for all!

How We Install Retaining Walls

1) Design & Planning

We start by assessing your landscape and determine the purpose and location of the retaining wall. Factors such as soil condition, drainage, and the desired height and style of the wall are considered. We will then create a detailed plan and obtain any necessary permits or approvals for your project. 

2) Excavation & Foundation Preparation

We clear the area where the proposed retaining wall will be installed, removing any vegetation, debris, or obstacles. The soil is excavated to the required depth and compacted, ensuring a stable and level base. We then install a compacted clean stone base.

3) Installation of Wall Units

We begin by laying the first layer of retaining wall block units, ensuring proper alignment and levelness. Retaining walls must have at least one layer of blocks that are installed below grade for the stabliiity of the wall.  A rubber mallet or dead blow hammer is used to set each unit firmly in place. The subsequent courses will be installed by staggering the joints for added strength and stability of the wall. Any necessary cuts or adjustments will be made to ensure a seamless fit.

4) Backfill & Compaction

As the wall installation progresses, we backfill the space being the will with a clean granular material. The backfill will be installed in small lifts to ensure proper compaction and minimize settling while also maintaining the integrity of the wall. Depending on the wall, geogrid may be installed between block layers and into backfill material to add strength to the wall.

5) Drainage & Waterproofing

We incorporate appropriate drainage measures to prevent water buildup behind the retaining wall. This may include installing perforated drainage pipes and gravel backfill behind the wall to facilitate water flow. 

6) Finishing Touches

Once the retaining wall is installed and backfilled, any desired finishing touches, such as coping or cap stons are added to enhance the appearance and functionality of the wall. We make sure to clean up the construction area and ensure the surrounding landscape is restored to its original condition. 

Extend Your Time Outside!

Elevate your outdoor space with lighting on retaining and seat walls! Beyond aesthetics, well-placed lights add safety and ambiance, turning your space into a welcoming retreat. Enjoy extended usability and a touch of sophistication for an enhanced outdoor living experience!

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